Back up OneDrive


To back up OneDrive, make sure your global domain administrator is active (enabled), has a commercial or trial subscription for CloudBerry Backup for Office 365. In case you use Business product edition, make sure the users included in backup have commercial or trial subscriptions for CloudBerry Backup for Office 365 and appropriate backup is enabled for them.

To learn more about licensing, refer to the Licensing

Getting Started with OneDrive Backup

To enable OneDrive backup, click Configure Backup on the dashboard, then turn on Drive backup services. Select Apply to enabled users to create OneDrive backup for all enabled users. You can enable or disable Drive Backup service for one or for multiple users on Users page as described in Manage Users.

To create the initial backup, click Save. The backup task is created immediately and will be scheduled automatically. You can monitor the backup task processing using the Task Manager. Once the initial backup is completed, you can view backed up contents.

If enabled, OneDrive backup jobs are scheduled to start automatically twice per day for all users.

Restore File from OneDrive Backup

You can find a necessary file by filename or part of the filename. Type the search expression in search box above the grid and click the search icon. After the search is complete, click the file to quickly navigate to the file location. To download a file, browse the OneDrive backup content, then click the particular file to view its revision list. Revisions appear to the right. Click the required file revision to download it to the Downloads folder.