Audit Log

Every action in Backup for Office 365 / G Suite is logged. The audit log is available for the administrative accounts only.

View Audit Log

To view the audit log, select Audit Log in the user menu to the right of the workspace.

The audit log is displayed as a table. Table headers are subject to sorting data. The log table contains the following data:

  • User. User email
  • Event. The type of event recorded in the audit log
  • Action. The action recorded in the audit log
  • Date. This column contains the date and time of the logged action
  • Description. This column contains a Description button to access detailed description of the logged action. This log will contain records about previewed email messages and downloaded attachments.

Filter Audit Log

To filter the audit log records, in the search box above the grid, select the required filtering criteria and/or enter search expression. Click the search icon to the right of the search box or press 'Enter' to proceed.