Back up Calendar

This chapter covers the following topics:


You should have a valid subscription, which should include all additional users you want to backup a calendars for.

To learn more about licensing, refer to the Licensing chapter

Getting Started with Calendar Backup

To enable Calendar backup, click Configure Backup on the dashboard and turn on Calendar backup services. Select Apply to enabled users to create Calendar backup for all enabled users.

To run the initial backup, click Save. You can monitor the backup task processing using Task Manager

Once the initial backup is completed, you can view a list of the backed up content.

You can export selected calendar events or calendars to .PST file, as described in Export to PST chapter. The list of backed-up calendars appears on the left panel. To view the required calendar, select it. You can search for the required calendar. Use Day,Week, Month, Agenda, or date controls to access specific events.

Back up Calendars

If enabled, Calendar backup is performed three times per day automatically.

You can create an urgent backup job for all or selected calendars.

Create Backup Jobs

You can back up specific calendars.
To back up only selected calendars, perform the following:

  1. Select required user.

  1. Select required calendar(s)

  1. Click the Run Backup button. You will be notified about the backup job creating event.

To view the progress of the created backup job, open the Task Manager.

Restore Calendars

To restore your Microsoft 365 Calendars, select Calendar in the horizontal menu bar.

You can select all or multiple calendars to restore.

The following restore options are available:

  • Restore All Calendars
  • Restore Selected You should select the calendars to back up in the list of backed up calendar to use this option.

To start the restore, expand the Restore button to select the required restore option. You will be notified about the restore job creating event.

You can monitor the restore task processing using the Task Manager.

Restore Event Revision

To restore a specific event revision perform the following:

  1. Select the event and click it to see event properties
  2. Click Revisions
  3. Select the revision you want to recover and click Restore. Restore starts automatically.

You can monitor the restore task processing using the Task Manager.

Delete Calendars

To delete selected calendars, perform the following:

  1. Select required calendar(s)
  2. Click Delete Selected
  3. Provide your alternate email password to confirm the deletion.