Back Up Google Drive


To perform Google Drives backup, make sure Drive backup is enabled. You should have a valid subscription, which should include all additional users with Drive backup.

To learn more about licensing, refer to the Licensing chapter

Get Started with Drive Backup

To configure the backup settings for Google Drives of your domain users, or to run an immediate backup job, select Drive in the horizontal menu bar.

Select objects to be included in backup. To select multiple objects, use Shift or Ctrl keys.

Once you selected object(s) to back up in your Google Drive, click Backup Now.

To view the progress of the backup job created, open the Task Manager. In the user menu of the horizontal bar, select Task Manager.

Item-Level Restore from Drive Backup

You can find a necessary file by filename or part of the filename. Type the search expression and click the search icon. After the search is complete, click the file to quickly navigate to the file location. To download a file, browse the Drive backup content, then click the particular file to view its revision list. Revisions appear to the right. Click the required file revision to download it to the Downloads folder on your computer.