Create Mail Archive

Email archiving is a key component of a company’s IT strategy and information management policy. Backup for Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace introduces independent mail archiving solution for GMail users. Users can benefit from all advantages of secure mail archiving with Backup for Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace. The application creates 1:1 copies of all mail messages according to Archive Options configured by user. The original mail messages are deleted from the mailbox to save space, and copies of the mail messages are stored in the backup storage to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data while using Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace Backup. Users can access mail message copies on Mail page in the same folders where original messages were displayed, and search through them, if necessary. Archived messages are marked with an orange envelope icon in a grid, as opposed to the original messages, which are marked with black envelope icons.

Configure Archive Options

To configure archive options perform the following:

  1. Select Mail in the horizontal menu bar of the dashboard.
  2. Click Options on the horizontal menu bar
  3. Click Archive Options tab
  4. Choose any options you want, configure include or exclude rules.
  5. These rules will be applied to the archive job for selected user(s). To apply these criteria to archive job for all domain users, select the Apply To All Domain Users check box, then click Save.