Restore to Hyper-V

Starting from MSP360 Backup 6.3.3, the new restore type (Restore as Hyper-V machine) is introduced. This allows restoring existing Hyper-V virtual machines straight to a Hyper-V server running on the target destination.

During the restore, a required structure is created in a destination folder specified by the user and virtual machines launch either automatically or left in standby state upon restore settings.

In the case of a current checkpoint restore, a VHD file is created, containing all required information, including VM configuration.

Along with the new restore type, a feature of importing a virtual machine is introduced. The import of a virtual machine means that it is restored straight to your Hyper-V host and is registered with it.

Note that while a virtual machine is restored and imported to a Hyper-V host, all existing files on Hyper-V that are related to this virtual machine are deleted

Note that as a checkpoint tree is backed up (applies to desktop versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10) during Hyper-V restore a checkpoint tree is restored as it was on a moment of backup