Register Google Storage Account

Retrieve Access key

To retrieve the Access and Secret keys for your Google accounts, visit the Google Storage for Developers website.

  1. Click the Activate Google Storage button.

You will have to click this button every time you access your storage account even if you have previously activated Google Storage

  1. Scroll down to Google APIs Console at the left side navigation and click on it to access the APIs console.

  2. Click Legacy Access. The keys are displayed in the list.

  3. Click the Show button in the Secret column to display the Secret Access key.

  4. Copy your Access and Secret keys for use in CloudBerry Drive.

Register Storage Account

The storage account defines the location where your data will be backed up. Use the following steps to register your storage account:

  1. From the Options, select "Storage Accounts" tab.
  2. Click the Add button and from Storage Provider field, select the Google.
  3. On the Add Storage Account window, enter a name for the account in the Display Name field.
  4. Select Authentication: it is Access & Secret Key (by default) or Oauth 2.0.
  5. Enter a Project ID from your Google Storage.
  6. Copy to the appropriate fields the "Access & Secret keys" from the Google Storage Interoperable Access, if you have chosen default authentication, or "Client ID & Client secret" from Google Storage API Access otherwise.
  7. Copy the "Secret Access Key" from the Google Access Credentials and paste it into Secret Key field.
  8. Select the Use SSL box to use secure SSL connection tto protect your data during transfer.
  9. You can test the SSL sertificate and test the connection if necessary.
  10. Click the OK button to add the account using these credentials

Now you are ready to add this storage account as drive.