Register Azure Storage Account

Retrieve Access key

To register your Azure account in CloudBerry Drive, you must retrieve your Primary Access key.

  1. In Microsoft Azure, click the Storage Account link to view your account information.
  2. Click the New Service link at the left and select the individual service account you are going to register.
  3. On the Summary tab, scroll down to the Primary Access Key. Select this key and copy it to your clipboard. This key will be pasted into CloudBerry Drive as the Shared Key.

Register Storage Account

Perform the following steps to register your storage account:

  1. From the Options, select "Storage Accounts" tab.
  2. Click the Add button and from Storage Provider field, select the Azure Blob.
  3. On the Add Storage Account window, enter a name for the account in the Display Name field.
  4. In the Account field enter the first part of your endpoint URL. For example, if your endpoint is "", then you should enter "cloudberrylab" in the Account field.
  5. The Shared Key field corresponds to the Primary Access Key in Azure.
  6. Select the Use SSL box to use secure SSL connection to protect your data during transfer.
  7. You can test the SSL sertificate and test the connection if necessary.
  8. Click the OK button to add the account using these credentials

Now you are ready to add this storage account as drive.