Register CloudWatt Storage Account

To connect CoudWatt account with CloudBerry Drive you have to enter your CoudWatt account credentials in CloudBerry Drive. Below is the instruction on how to sign up for CoudWatt Cloud Storage, find your account credentials and connect CloudBerry Drive to CloudWatt storage.

Retrieve Access key

To register your CloudWatt account in CloudBerry Drive:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Connexion link.
  3. Enter your login and password, click SE CONNECTER.
  4. On the scoreboard screen click Votre compte.
  5. Click on the OBJECT STORAGE tab.
  6. Now you should see your security credentials. You will need URL and Nom du Tenant.

Register Storage Account

Perform the following steps to register your storage account:

  1. From the Options, select "Storage Accounts" tab.
  2. Click the Add button and from Storage Provider field, select the CloudWatt.
  3. On the Add Storage Account window, enter a name for the account in the Display Name field.
  4. Enter the name of the user in the User Name field.
  5. Enter the path to your Authentication Service.
  6. Use Keystone authentication, if necessary, and enter your Tenant ID or Tenant Name (Nom du Tenant).
  7. You can test the SSL sertificate and test the connection, if necessary.
  8. Click the OK button to add the account using these credentials.

Now you are ready to add this storage account as drive.