Backing Up EFS-encrypted Files (BETA)

EFS is a file encryption service offered in Windows starting from Windows 2000 version. Referred to as a kindred to BitLocker, EFS offers some notable functionality over it. EFS appears as a quick way to encrypt files and folders and can be useful when these files are stored on a Windows 10 system with multiple users. EFS encryption is linked to a user, not the whole machine, so multiple users are entitled to encrypt their data with no risk that other users gain access to it.

EFS uses an incremental approach to encryption. This means that EFS provides the ability to encrypt individual files and folders without encrypting whole drive contents, so EFS is more flexible comparing to other encryption methods.

To try the new feature out, download and install Backup for Windows 7.4 (BETA)

How It Works

In version 7.4 of our product, the Encrypted File System (EFS) feature group is used to provide backup and restore functionality while keeping files in an encrypted state.

Backing up encrypted files is only available for plans with the new backup format. Such files are kept on backup storage encrypted with the "encrypted" attribute.