Restore to Physical Disk

Select this option if you need to restore your data to a physical disk.

When restoring an NTFS partition, you can customize additional options. See Restoring NTFS Partitions for more information.

On the next wizard page, select a physical disk to be used as a destination for the restored backup.

You can choose from the following two options:

  • Restore to an entire physical disk
    Select this option to make an entire physical disk a destination for your backup.

    Please be informed that you will not be able to restore to a boot volume.

    IMPORTANT: All information on the selected disk will be permanently destroyed. Please consider backing up the existing disk image before submitting the restore process.

  • Restore to a specific partition

    Select this option to manually map each of the restored partitions to a specific destination.

When restoring a backup from Amazon S3, the wizard prompts you whether to restore data from Amazon Glacier along with the rest of the backup.

See Restoring Amazon Glacier Data to learn more.