Step 7. Backup Source

Specify files and/or folders to back up.

Please be informed that a backup will not be completed on encountering a user folder to which it has no access (when the privileges under which the backup service is running do not allow accessing this folder).

Consider running the backup service under different account to avoid such errors.

Clicking the burger icon on this wizard page invokes a menu where you can choose additional options.

The following options are available on this menu:

  • Add user profile

    Use this option to include user folders in your backup (such as "Documents", "Downloads", or "Favorites").

    A backup service can upload all user folders or only those available for the current user, depending on the user mode selected during MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup installation.

  • Add network share

    Opens a dialog window where you can specify the path to network share containing files that you wish to include in the backup.

    In this dialog, you can specify user credentials used to access the network share. Alternatively, you can specify these credentials on the next wizard page.

  • Open in dialog Invokes a new dialog window displaying the file tree.

  • Show legend Invokes a dialog window explaining how to interpret the different states of check boxes in the file tree, as follows.

Check Box Appearance Description
This folder with all subitems excluded. All new content will NOT be added
This folder with all subitems included. All new content will be added
Only selected items excluded. All new content in excluded folders will NOT be added
Only selected items included. New content will be added in selected folders only