Step 6. Advanced Options

Specify advanced options for your backup plan.

The following options are available:

  • Backup NTFS permissions. Select this check box to include NTFS permissions in the backup plan. To learn more about NTFS permission, refer to the NTFS permissions article
  • Track local file deletes in backup storage. Select this check box to track deleted objects and prevent them from restores. To learn more about how tracking local file deletes, refer to the Track Local Deletes in Backup Storage chapter
  • Use fast NTFS scan. Select this check box to enable MSP360 proprietary file scanning & search mechanism. This scanning method is based on a file tree generation, which allows faster navigation and faster backup procedure as a result

Note that you Force Using VSS check box must be selected in order to use fast NTFS scan

  • Force using VSS. Select this check box if you want the Backup for Windows to back up objects from a snapshot in order to avoid any access conflicts. This option is efficient to forced backups of files that are used by other processes at the time of backup.To learn more, refer to the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) article

Consider the following restrictions which apply to VSS:

  • VSS cannot be used to back up network files, such as network shares and mapped network drives
  • VSS cannot make snapshots of data stored in FAT32-partitioned volumes.
  • Use system VSS provider. Select this check box in case you experience issues with a third-party VSS provider. Once the backup plan is started, the Backup Agent will use the system VSS provider forcibly.

Click Next.

Using Backup Operator

As of CloudBerry Backup 6.2.1, the option Use Backup Operator is unavailable and the service account is always in the Backup Operators group. To learn more, refer to the Backup Service Account chapter.

Advanced Options in Other Modes

Once the Simple or Custom mode was selected on the Select Backup Mode wizard step on, the following options are available only:

  • Use fast NTFS scan
  • Force using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
  • Use system VSS provider