This article describes the settings available on the Connection tab of the Options dialog.

  1. Click Tools.
  2. In the horizontal bar, click Options.

  1. In the Options property box, switch to the Connection tab.

You can specify the following options on this tab.

  • Number of attempts Specifies how many attempts to connect to the network the application is allowed to make.

  • Time between retry attempts, in milliseconds Specifies how soon the application should make another attempt to connect to the network after the previous attempt fails.

  • Use MD5 checksum
    With this option enabled, MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup calculates an MD5 hash for each file that is being uploaded and sends this hash to the cloud storage service (Amazon S3 or any other S3-compatible storage that supports this feature). On finding any mismatch between the two hashes, the cloud service returns an error and MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup stops uploading the backup. This enables you to secure the integrity of your files during their transfer from a source to a destination storage.

    Please be informed that enabling this feature increases the backup processing time because additional processing is required to calculate the checksum.

    The MD5 checksum is not used to determine whether or not a file has been changed in the source storage. The backup service takes into account only a file's modification date when it decides whether or not a file needs to be updated in a target storage (the file is uploaded only if it has been modified in the source storage since the last backup date).