Step 9. Advanced Recurring Schedule

Specify the schedule for automatic running of a full backup.

As opposed to a full backup which uploads a complete copy of each file to a storage, a block-level backup uploads the full copy of your data only during the first execution of the backup plan by default.

We strongly recommend that you specify a schedule for automatic running of a full backup on this wizard page to ensure that the older versions of your files are always available in a storage that uses a block-level backup.

If required, you can force the backup service to perform a full backup each time when the total size of previous block-level backups exceeds the specified proportion of the last full backup (50% by default).

In addition, you can make the backup service interrupt a backup process if it runs for too long by enabling a corresponding option on this wizard page.

When enabling this feature, please be informed that MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup is unable to predict the backup time which may vary depending on a variety of factors, and premature termination of a backup process may result in getting the backup data corrupted.

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