MSP360 Remote Desktop for macOS is similar to the Windows Application and allows you to establish secure remote desktop connection to Windows PCs. Once connected, you can control your computer as if you were sitting right in front of it — the app can simulate both mouse and keyboard events.

Connecting to a computer is the same as on Windows and requires entering the target computer's ID and PIN. Once the computer ID is entered, tap on the circular white button:

If the target computer requires encryption, you can specify the encryption key in the computer's details.

The connection will be initiated and then you'll be prompted to enter the PIN:

In a few seconds your computer's screen will be displayed on your macOS device. You can tap on the Control Center to switch monitors, activate the chat window, or request full control.

From there, you can drag the mouse by moving your finger across the screen, imitate clicks by tapping on the screen, and perform drag-and-drop by double-tapping and then dragging some file or window.

Here's how the chat window looks:

To terminate the connection, tap on the control center and then tap Exit.