Encryption and Unattended Access

MSP360 Remote Desktop for iOS sends all the data over an HTTPS channel (which means the data is secure from being stolen).

However, you can enable additional encryption on the remote host side - with the encryption key known only to you. While regular sessions require only a Computer ID and PIN, encrypted sessions also require an encryption key that has to be transferred from the remote host to the client-side via another way of communication.

The application uses the RSA algorithm to encrypt sessions. Encryption can be turned on by clicking the Encryption Key Switch. Once enabled, the remote host should provide you with the encryption key and you must specify the encryption key in the open window:

Simply click the switch to enable the text-field or read the key from a file. The encryption key has to be specified only once and it will always be used when establishing a connection. The encryption key is never changed unless it is manually regenerated on the remote host. A regenerated encryption key has to be provided again to all users who want to connect to the remote host computer.

Using encryption ensures that no transferred data is interpretable in the event of data interception