In-Session Options

There are numerous in-session options available. The following is a description of those options.

Multi-Screen Support

During the session, you can pick how to display the multiple monitors on the remote side.

By tapping Monitor Configuration during the session, you can select:

  • Switch to a particular monitor. Displays contents of the selected monitor
  • Combine monitors. Displays all monitor content in one window merging the image into one
  • Picture in Picture. Displays each monitor's contents in a separate window on the bottom of the screen, with the ability to switch them via tap.


Click the View menu to access the following settings:

  • Quality Mode. Switch color display mode
  • Resolution. Set the resolution for the selected monitor
  • Show Remote Cursor. Toggle the display of the remote cursor
  • Hide desktop wallpaper and Disable Aero style. Enable those features to improve connection speed.

Quick Actions

This feature allows you to send pre-configured key combinations such as ALT + F4:

Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to Quick Actions, there are also pre-configured keyboard shortcuts when the keyboard is active: