Unattended Access

The conventional method of connecting to a remote computer with MSP360 Remote Desktop involves entering a PIN. This secure method requires you know the rotating PIN in advance which is not convenient when connecting to a machine with nobody around (e.g. a server in the rack). Furthermore, this authentication type is not practical if you have multiple users on your computer and you want to be able to log in as a different user.

That's why MSP360 Remote Desktop features an unattended access connection option that allows you to authenticate using the remote host user's Windows credentials instead of a PIN. When enabled, you simply enter the remote machine's Remote Desktop ID, enter the remote host user's Windows credentials, and you're done.

Unattended access can be enabled in settings on the remote host by selecting the required checkbox:

If unattended access is enabled, you will be prompted to enter your Windows credentials (login & password) to authenticate.

Click on the arrow icon or press Enter,so the connection will be established.