In-Session Options

Once the session is established, a in-session menu appears on the top of the host screen: Windows


This control allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Show this control always on top
  • View the quality of connection and warnings about poor quality of the connection
  • Access menu to copy the computer ID and PIN to clipboard, record the session, manage outgoing connections, report a problem with Diagnostics
  • Start a chat
  • Change a display mode for multiple monitors (only in case the remote computer has several monitors)
  • Mute/unmute the sound
  • Mute/unmute the microphone
  • Minimize/maximize the screen
  • Manage outgoing connections
  • Switch between View Only/Full Control mode
  • Exit the session

Topmost In-Session Menu

There is also a number of available features via the topmost View menu. By clicking this menu you can access the following settings:

  • Access options with Options
  • Mute/unmute the microphone
  • Select playback device
  • Select Recording device
  • Forward system sounds from remote computer
  • Record the session
  • Transfer files
  • Request full control
  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Paste on remote computer
  • Manage monitors in case of the remote computer has several monitors
  • View Options > Show Remote Cursor. Displays the remote machine cursor
  • View Options > Hide Desktop Wallpaper. Hides the desktop wallpaper, which may affect the speed of connection
  • View Options > Disable Aero Style. Disables the Windows Aero style, which may affect the speed of connection
  • View Options > Image Quality. Manages the quality of remote image
  • Remote Screen Resolution. Changes the remote display screen resolution. Use this option if you want to speed up the connection
  • Share clipboard
  • Manage remote black screen and input
  • View remote computer info
  • Personalize background color on the remote computer
  • Access MSP360 website
  • View About
  • Check for Connect Agent updates
  • Report a problem with Diagnostics
  • Adiust the disconnection behavior:

  • Disconnect the session

Multi-Monitor Support

During the session, you can select the display mode for multiple monitors on a remote side.

  1. Select required monitor via the topmost View menu.

  1. Select available monitor options while the session is active. The following options are available:
    • Particular monitor. Displays contents of the selected monitor
    • Multiple monitors in one window. Displays all monitor content in one window combining the view
    • Multiple monitors in separate windows. Displays each monitor's contents in a separate window. You can switch between these windows