Getting Information about Disk Volumes

This article describes the how you can use MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup CLI to access information about the available disk volumes.

Use the listDiskVolumes command to learn about the available disk volumes:

C:\Program Files\MSP360\MSP360 Backup>cbb listDiskVolumes -?


The following parameters are available for the listDiskVolumes command.

  • -a (-allVolumes) Lists all available disk volumes. The following information is provided:
    • Mount Points
    • Supported (True or False)
    • Required (True or False)
    • Type (Fixed or otherwise)
    • File System
    • Windows Volume Identity
    • Length
    • Used Space
  • -d (-diskID) Lists the volumes corresponding to a specified disk ID (GUID).
  • -r (-systemRequired) Lists only system-required volumes.

The following parameters define the standard output format for this command.

  • -json Send the status to stdout in a JSON format.
  • -xml Send the status to stdout in an XML format.