In-Session Options

While the connection is established, a number of in-session options is available:

Multi-Screen Support

During the session, select the displaying mode for multiple monitors.

By tapping Screen during the session, select the following options:

  • Switch to a particular monitor. Displays contents of the selected monitor
  • Split mode. Displays each monitor's contents in a separate window on the bottom of the screen, with the ability to switch them by tapping
  • Multimonitor mode. Displays all monitor contents in one window merging images into one


Click More, then click Options, then select Screen config to access the following settings:

  • Draw cursor. Toggle the display of the remote cursor
  • Disable Aero. Enable this feature to improve the connection speed
  • Disable desktop wallpaper. Enable this feature to improve the connection speed
  • Quality. Switch color display mode
  • Resolution. Set the resolution for the selected monitor


Tap the sound icon to manage sound.


This feature allows you to send pre-configured hotkey combinations, e.g. ALT + F4.


This option allows you to mute the microphone.


Tap Disconnect to terminate the connection.