Step 5. Select Partitions

On this wizard step, select partitions to back up.

Use horizontal scroll bar in the table to specify all available options.

The following options are available:

  • Back up only system-required partitions. Select this option to back up only partitions required for proper functioning of the operating system.
  • Back up all drives. Select this option to include all available drives in your back up.

Note that once this option is selected, all connected drives at the moment of the backup plan start, will be backed up and the succesfull backup plan termination will be reported. Thus, if some drives have been disconnected for some reason, or some drives have been added, they will be backed up 'as is'

  • Back up selected partitions only. Select this option to back up only specific partitions.

Backup plan scans all drives at every startup for availability. If the backup plan is edited, VSS and BitLocker settings are copied from the previous plan settings.

The selected partitions must include system volumes as they contain the information which is necessary for loading the operating system. Without backing up these volumes, you will not be able to restore your disk image properly.

To learn more about using the Keep BitLocker option, refer to the Backing Up BitLocker-Encrypted Volumes section in the Back Up a Disk or Virtual Machine Image chapter.