Transaction Logs Processing in Application-Consistent Backups

While processing machines with software that uses transaction logs (for example, Microsoft SQL Server), you can truncate transaction logs in order to save the storage space.

The following transaction log processing options are available:

  • Truncate Logs. After a successful VM backup, transaction logs are truncated. In this case, you can restore a VM with database to moment in time of backup creation. Transaction logs are truncated, which means that there is no possibility to restore database to other points in time between backups. If VM backup fails for some reason, transaction logs are not truncated
  • Copy-only. This option is recommended to select if you use any third-party software for additional backups. Log truncation in this case may lead to a transaction log chain break

Configure TransactionLog Processing

To configure the transaction log processing, proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the virtual backup plan (VMware or Hyper-V) or create a new one.
  2. Follow the backup wizard to the Application Processing Options.
  3. Click the required VM.
  4. In the Transaction log processing group, select the required option:
  • Truncate Logs
  • Copy-only
  1. Follow the backup wizard to the end to save the backup plan configuration.