Sending Logs (CLI 2.0)

Saving Logs

For solving issues and troubleshooting purposes, Backup for Linux features a comprehensive logging mechanism that helps you or technical support team figure out operation issues and find solutions.

By default, logs are kept in the following directory:

/opt/local/Online Backup/owner_id/logs

To save logs to a different directory, run the following command:

./cbbV2 account feedback save-log -p "Path"

Argument Sheet

Parameter Description Value
--path(-p) Specifies the target directory for saving logs String

Sending Logs

In order to send logs to MSP360 support team, run the following command:

./cbbV2 feedback send-log -e "Email address" -u "UserName" -m "The body of message to support team" -l false- Ok

Argument Sheet

Parameter Description Value
-u Your username String
--email (-e) Your email address String
-m The message for the support team. Please make it descriptive! String
-l Indicates that logs should be saved in temporary directory

Logging Settings

It is also possible to configure default logging settings via command line with the following command:

./cbb option -set logging -mode High -rotation 60 -path "/Users/"
Parameter Description Value
-mode Logging level Disable / Low / High / Debug
-rotation Logs purge frequency (in days) Integer
-path Default logging path String

The logging directory must have read and write permissions for all users (chmod 777).