Data Listing Commands (CLI 2.0)

To list data on backup storage, use the following command: ./cbbV2 storage list

Parameter Description Possible Values
--account Storage account name Set by the addacount command
--account-id Storage account ID to sync Set by the addcount command
--bunch Bunch ID -
--bunch-id Bunch ID -
--generation Generation ID -
--all Displays all plan execution and restore points (including empty and invalid) none
--hint Displays the hint for encryption password for specified generation Set by user


List the Storage Account

./cbbV2 storage list -a "Account Name"

List the Bunch Contents

./cbbV2 storage list -a "Account Name" -b "Bunch Name" 

List the Generation Contents

./cbbV2 storage list -a "Account Name" -b "Bunch Name" -g "Generation ID"