Add Backblaze B2 Storage

To add a new Backblaze B2 storage destination, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the application menu, then click Add New Account.
  2. Select Backblaze B2 or Backblaze B2 (S3-compatible).

Buckets created prior to May 4, 2020, are not S3-compatible. All buckets created after May 4, 2020, are S3-compatible.

Synthetic backup is supported for S3-compatible buckets only

  1. In Backblaze B2 Account property box, specify:
    • in the Display name field, specify the cloud storage name which will be used in further
    • in the Account Account ID/Application Key ID field, specify the KeyID for your Backblaze B2 account
    • in the Application Key field, specify the password the applicationKey value that has been generated while creating an application key pair.

Note that if you are using a master application key, the bucket you access will not be S3-compatible

To learn more about application key pair, refer to the Sign Up for Backblaze B2 chapter

  1. Specify the bucket for your backups. To do this, select the required bucket in the Bucket name drop-down list.
  2. Once you are finished with specifying the account details, click OK.