Add Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Note that Amazon Glacier Vaults is no longer supported

To Add Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

  1. Open the application menu, then click Add New Account, then select S3.
  2. In the Amazon S3 Account property box, specify:
    • in the Display name field, specify the cloud storage name which will be used further.
    • in the Account type drop-down menu, select the account type you will use. The following types are available:
      • Amazon S3
      • Amazon S3 (China)
      • Amazon GovCloud.

  • Select Use Access and Secret keys option to specify the access key and secret key for authentication.
    • Select AWS IAM Role Policy option to use for authentication (applicable on for EC2 instance application usage).
  1. Specify the bucket for your backups. To do this, select the required bucket in the Bucket name drop-down list.
  2. To specify more settings, click Advanced Settings.
    • Select the mode you want to use for your backups:
      • Select Regular mode: back up and restore option for using the cloud storage for backups and restores.
      • Select Restore only option if you intend to use the cloud storage only for restore jobs.
    • To use SSL, select Use SSL check box.
    • To use S3 Accelerate, select Use S3 Accelerate check box.
    • Once you are finished with the advanced settings, click OK.
  3. Once you are finished with specifying the account details, click OK.

AWS China (Beijing) Region and AWS China (Ningxia) Region are the two AWS Regions located within China. To provide the best experience for customers in China and to comply with China’s legal and regulatory requirements, AWS has collaborated with China local partners with proper telecom licenses for delivering cloud services. The service operator and provider for AWS China (Beijing) Region based out of Beijing and adjacent areas is Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinnet), and the service operator and provider for AWS (Ningxia) Region based out of Ningxia is Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. (NWCD).

The AWS GovCloud (US) Region is designed to address the specific regulatory needs of United States federal, state, and local agencies, education institutions, and the supporting ecosystem.

To learn more about Amazon S3 (China) and Amazon S3 GovCloud refer to website and AWS GovCloud (US) Product Details section.