Sign Up for Backblaze B2

This chapter covers the following topics:

Sign Up for Backblaze B2 Account

To create a Backblaze B2 account, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a Backblaze B2 website.
  2. Click Sign Up.

  1. Update the mandatory contact settings (phone number and everything else Backblaze requires).

  1. Select whether to enable two-factor authentication.

  1. Once you are done with settings, create a bucket. To do this, select Buckets.
  2. Click Create a Bucket.

  1. Specify if bucket contents will be available for other users that have an access to it or can be accessed privately by you.

  1. Create a new application key pair to access the bucket. To do this, click Add a new Application Key.

It is not recommended to use a master application key for security reasons

  1. Specify an application key settings.

  1. Once credentials are generated, copy and save them to a secure location.

Note that applicationKey is displayed only once. In case it is lost, you have to generate a new application key pair

  1. Once an application key pair is created and saved, get back to Backup for Windows to start using it for backup and restore jobs.