In-Session Options

Multi-Screen Support

During the session, you can select the display mode for multiple monitors on a remote side.

Click Monitor Configuration while the session is active, so you can select:

  • Switch to a particular monitor. Displays contents of the selected monitor
  • Multiple monitors in one window. Displays all monitor content in one window combining the view
  • Multiple monitors in separate windows. Displays each monitor's contents in a separate window.

View Menu

There is also a number of available features via the topmost View menu. By clicking this menu you can access the following settings:

View Options

  • Show Remote Cursor. Displays the remote machine cursor
  • Hide Desktop Wallpaper. Hides the desktop wallpaper, which may affect the speed of connection
  • Disable Aero Style. Disables the Windows Aero style, which may affect the speed of connection
  • Remote Screen Resolution. Changes the remote display screen resolution. Use this option if you want to speed up the connection.