How to Speed Up Slow Transfers

Drives that are mounted with CloudBerry Drive works too slow and there might be several reasons. The main reason: this is an internet connection, even not a local network shared disks. Second, the program uses a special driver, which also slows down. Nothing can be done about these two reasons.

Third, it features the work of a Windows Explorer that creates a lot of requests when receiving list of files and folders. In this case you can try set minimalistic type in folder views for these disks. Or use other file explorer such a FAR commander or something that wouldn't make requests even for a file icons. In some cases you can use the CloudBerry Explorer for navigate and work with these drives, sometimes it is a little faster than windows explorer. But it designed for other purposes and will not appreciable advantage for work with mounted cloud drives. Also you have a possibility to increase the speed of these disks by using cloud geographic zone of the region closest to you.