Drives are Failed to Mount

Situation: Drive is not mounted automatically at the system start up.

How to Resolve:

  • Make sure the "Mount this account as virtual disk at system startup" option is selected for this drive in Options > Mapped Drives > Edit.
  • CloudBerry Drive Service can start earlier than the system is ready for it. Go to the system services (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services) then please make sure the "Server" service is running and its startup type is Automatic. Also try to change the startup type for the CloudBerry Drive Service from "Automatic" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)".
  • Repeating drive letters are used. Please make sure there is no drive with the same letter already. If it is used, choose another letter for your drive.
  • Error in file cache directory. It seems the File cache directory path is not valid, please check this folder in Options > Advanced, click Browse from the dialog to make sure it can be accessed.

Consider do not use the path to the drive mounted with CloudBerry Drive. If this will work it will be wrong, too slow and very expensive.