Adding Backup Storage

Having installed and activated MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup, the next step is adding a backup destination (a.k.a. backup storage). Backup destination is a cloud or local storage that will be used to store your backups.

Adding a Cloud Storage

To add a cloud storage, launch MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup and click on the Settings button. Click Add New Account.

Next, click on the preferred storage type in the right column. We'll select Amazon S3 in this example.

Specify the display name that will bi displayed throughout the app. Next, enter the S3 credentials — Access and Secret keys. Finally, select or create a bucket on the cloud storage and click OK.

Cloud storage has been added!

Adding a Local Storage

The process of adding a local storage does not fundamentally differ from adding a cloud storage. Simply click File System when adding a backup destination.

Specify the display name and enter the local storage's path. Click OK.

Local storage has been added!

For information on adding backup storage via command line interface, refer to the CLI section.