Restore on Restore Points

The restore point is a dataset that contains all required data for restore. This means the following: if a restore point is valid, the backup data can be guaranteed to restore.

All Restore Points are displayed in a backup tree (left pane) of the application.

To restore data on the required restore point, proceed as follows:

  1. In the horizontal menu, click Restore.
  2. Follow the restore wizard steps.
  3. On the Restore Point step, select the required restore point.

  1. Follow the restore wizard steps, then run the restore plan.

Single Incremental Restore Point in Backup Tree

In some particular cases, the backup tree can contain only one incremental restore point.

This is a normal situation. Usually, this happens when the first full backup was not completed for some reason (for example, network issues), but then it was completed as part of subsequent incremental backups.