Backup Processes

Backup for Linux runs and uses a range of processes. This chapter provides a brief description of these processes.

View List of Running Backup Processes

The names of Backup for Linux processes always start with cbb.

To view a list of running Backup for Linux processes, use the following command:

ps -aux | grep cbb

Description of Backup Processes

The following table overviews Backup for Linux processes.

Process Description
cbbLocalManagement Performs auxiliary tasks, such as watching schedule, starting plans, reading/changing configuration files
cbbRemoteManagement Supports Remote Management Service
cbbWebAccess Backup for Linux offers a web interface that provides remote access to the application UI. The web interface service runs as the cbbWebAccess process.

NOTE By default, the remote access is disabled. For instructions on how to enable the remote access, see the Settings chapter
cbbGUI Supports Backup for Linux GUI
cbbCommandLine Supports Backup for Linux command line interface
cbbSessionAccess Executes the pre-action and post-action scripts, and establishes SSH connections
cbbWorker Supports the plans management operations: running the backup and restore plans, synchronizing repositories, etc.

To run backup and restore plans on schedule, it is unnecessary to keep Backup for Linux GUI open