Introducing New Backup Format (BETA)

The new backup format is based on the following approach: backed up data on storage is always kept as data container. This approach enables keeping backup plans completely independent from each other. Thus, every backup plan is a separate directory that delivers backup data to a specific location on backup storage. This rules out any possible plan interference issues.

Backup data on storage is divided into blocks and a block is a main operating entity. Upon data uploading to backup storage, blocks are combined into data parts. Data part size can vary. A part size depends on uploading speed and backup storage provider limitations. Uploading data by parts enables to continue upload starting from the last successful part in case of backup interruption.

New backup format key features are:

  • Client-Side Deduplication
  • Mandatory Consistency Check
  • Full Consistency Check
  • Restore on Restore Points
  • The number of requests to storage is reduced significantly
  • Uploading by data parts enables continued upload in case of network issues
  • Any characters (emoji, 0xFFFF, etc) and extra-long filenames supported
  • Filename encryption in the box (one password for generation)
  • Real full backup for file-level backups
  • Fast synchronization (reduced number of objects in backup storage)
  • Plan configuration is always backed up
  • Backup logs are backed up along with backup data
  • Object size is now limited to 256TB regardless of the storage provider limitations
  • Fast purge (reduced number objects on backup storage, deletion of whole generation database)
  • Password Hint
  • Faster backup and restore for a large number of small files
  • Lower costs for a large number of small files (not applied for S3 standard-IA with 128KB limit)