MSP360 Backup for macOS

MSP360 (formerly CloudBerry) Backup is a cost-effective, flexible, and versatile backup and recovery solution that enables businesses and ordinary users to perform automatic backups to various local and cloud storage services. Advanced features like encryption, compression, and block-level backup facilitate more efficient, quick, and secure file transfer between your computer and the backup destination. In the end you get an unmatched combination of reliable backup for disaster recovery, secure data storage, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Key Features

  • Cloud backup to a variety of storage providers: Amazon S3 (including S3 Glacier and Deep Archive), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, Rackspace, and other providers
  • Local backup to hard drives and NAS-like storage solutions
  • Backup data compression and encryption (AES-based) for Pro product edition
  • Client-side deduplication (new backup format only)
  • Backup consistency checks
  • Flexible setup of backup and restore plans
  • Schedule for full and incremental backups execution
  • Retention Policy to manage backup size
  • Email notifications for plans
  • Pre- and post-backup script execution
  • Block-level backup for expedited upload