Product Activation

Users can download a trial version of CloudBerry Drive with 15-day trial period. During this period, you can evaluate a full featured version of CloudBerry Drive.

Once your trial is complete, you have to purchase a license to continue using CloudBerry Drive. Each license allows you to use CloudBerry Drive on one computer, but the license can be released if you want to install it on a different computer.

Product Activation on First Run

When you launch the CloudBerry Drive for the first time, you are prompted to either request a trial license or activate the product.

  • To request the trial license, enter your email address and click the Request Trial button. A confirmation message will display indicating that your free trial has begun.

  • To buy the product, click the Buy button and you will be redirected to the product website.

If you have already received your license key, enter your email address and the license key. Click the Activate button. Then you can see the CloudBerry Drive icon in system tray. To access CloudBerry Drive main menu click the icon.

Activate Product

To activate the product with purchased commercial license:

  1. On system tray click CloudBerry Drive icon

  1. Select Product Activation from the main menu.

  1. Enter your email address and the license key
  2. Click Activate.

Activate Product on Another Computer

If you are utilizing CloudBerry Drive for personal use, you are allowed to activate the same license on two computers. When utilizing CloudBerry Drive for business purposes, you should license every computer where you want to run the product. To activate CloudBerry Drive on another computer, you must first release your license that is already in use or buy additional license.

Release License

  1. On system tray click CloudBerry Drive icon

  1. Select Release License from the main menu.
  2. Click Yes on the dialog box to release the license.

After releasing the license, you can use the License Key to activate CloudBerry Drive on another computer. CloudBerry Drive will no longer work on the original computer once you release the license. You also may activate the license on the same computer again if needed.