Seeding Data via BackBlaze B2 Fireball

What is B2 Fireball?

BackBlaze B2 fireball is a data transfer solution that accelerates moving large volumes of data into and out of B2 storage using storage appliances designed to be secure for physical transport.

You order the Fireball appliance from B2 and they ship it directly to you. Data transfer is performed by MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup with a backup plan that uses the Fireball as the local storage target.

Once the backup is complete, you should transfer the Fireball back to BackBlaze and they will transfer the data from the device into your B2 bucket. Then you need to change the target storage in your backup plan from the Fireball to your regular B2 account (with the exact same bucket). Synchronize the repository so that MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup will match the local files with the files in the cloud and from then on you can proceed to continue backing up your data the regular way.